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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day14 - Roulette

Much of today was spent horizontally, with dehydration and a parched tongue dual reminders of the red wine I had still been sipping in the wee hours.

The evening was fun, with new people to get to know, and the great catalyst to friendship: laughter - forged by the ceremonial passing of the wireless keyboard as we played Youtube Roulette & voted for the best & worst of each round.

As the numbers dwindled, the game changed: a guitar was thrust into my hands, random music clips were queued up & it was my challenge to play along. Not being much of a jam musician, I did my best at disclaimerizing before attempting anyway. Each song went well, there was encouragement from the others & they seemed to be having fun.

Before I knew it, the time had crept past 0400... it might as well have been 2000 the night before for the alert state of all of us, but I suggested it was time for home, so I could at least enjoy some of my Sunday awake.

The co-authored story from yesterday had been retold & I anticipated the opportunity to read it when alone. Fed full with peanuts over the course of the night, I then made myself a bowl of cocopops chaser & sat back to read & re-experience. It was the first half the story, told with the character that makes the writing distinctly hers. I love reading most of her work, but that which I'm a part of blows me away each & every time.

I wanted to convey my enjoyment, so I composed a new email, starting off with "I love", then I stopped. Those 2 words had just conveyed my state of mind right then in that moment.

Just love. Pure love. What I like to call the Oneness.

I took this feeling that she had generated in me & slipped into bed before the sun rose.

It seemed to be the most logical solution.

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