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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day17 - Dent

I don't like seeing the days go up.

Today it rained almost non-stop. For a good deal of it I was indoors, loving being amongst the ferocity but safe & warm. I had the urge to run out into it, removing my clothing with every step. I save these moments for holidays, by choice but not by preference.

My triceps are killing me, right on schedule. The shoulder pain came a bit earlier & more intensely than expected this morning, but both not surprizing considering the length it's been since the last time these groups were exercised. On Monday I did my tri, back & shoulder workout, which constitutes my secondary workout day. It's the least fun of the 2 days, and slightly longer, but I know it helps with the primary workout day (biceps/pecs), so I expect the next session to be somewhat hectic & jimp-worthy. I'm already contemplating the soundtrack: late 60's to late 70's funk & soul (Earth, Wind & Fire; Bobby Womack; etc).

I walked into a door before, then straight to the mirror to view the fine dent I'd made in my skull. Blood came slowly, I figure the bruise will be a beauty. I think the cut from my sandwich-related mishap last week might scar but I dont' mind too much: after all, it's on my scar-hand.

So I chatted, replied to emails, then contemplated bath sleep or record... I'd already been recording, so bath won, just to keep the water (and wine) fairies happy with me...

It seemed to be the most logical solution.

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