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Monday, May 17, 2010

Day8 - Custom

Probably the only real negative about the gym is that I get such enjoyment out of it that it can be frustrating having to wait afew days for recovery.

But today I feel awesome.

Not sure how doing a pec/bicep workout gave me a slightly strained tricep though... possibly the bench press. I'm enjoying the experience of seeing immediate (with hours) changes to my body. I can directly see the impact of a large meal from the shape of my belly - the difference was visible but so much more subtle when it was obscured by surrounding energy reserves. Perhaps this, combined with reduced stomach capacity, is in part what helps leaner bodies stay lean.

Another interesting feature is the visible effects of stimulated muscles - both in the gym, where I can see more & more of the actual muscle with every month, or later that same day when the veins are no longer pronounced & the pump long gone, but rigidity is most apparent.

Aside from the physical, I've been sensually & emotionally open today - matched by the looped custom-made Elton John playlist (Your Song, Rocket Man, Daniel, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road). Not a big fan of the lyrics, but there are some very choice lines (ref. the chorus to Your Song, which just melts me).

Wish I could share music with you, but I find myself holding back links/songs. It's somewhat stifling not being able to do so.

...back from digression, dinner was later than usual due to a late finish. 175g of rice - half of last night's dinner. Being a gym-day I figured I'd better throw in some protein. One 85g protein bar later & that took my combined dinner up to 30g of protein, with a nice dose of carbs thrown in. Problem was, I wanted a soak in the tub as well as munch dinner before it got too late. Eating in the bath is quite strange, but it seemed to be the most logical solution.

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