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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day21 - Yosemite

Almost my entire day was spent in bed, in conversation, and in a tent in a deserted part of Yosemite. The energy from yesterday had not left. I didn't know how else to handle it, so I let my thoughts run away with me. The fact that we never left the tent was rather amusing, considering I hadn't expected to spend long in it but instead off adventuring like in Brussels - gladly there were no complaints; it was an especially nice way to spend a Sunday. I liked the setting, I hope to visit again, this time venturing out into the wilderness - perhaps to find the mysterious bear that was growling in the distance; skinny dipping in a fresh water stream, pond or waterfall; picking out a trail on a map leading to views of the grand canyon & hiking to it; making love in the middle of a field full of knee-high yellow wildflowers, as the sunshine accentuates every flower's aura; napping briefly amongst the trees in the afternoon warmth before the excitement takes over once again & we're on the move.

I had another dream today - it concerned me that my automatic trigger to awaken & write the dream was slightly subdued. It's a valuable trait for me to instantly reach for one of my digital notepads in a less-than-half-awake state & enter key points from dreams. In 2010 I have been doing this most nights. I intend to keep it up.

After summoning myself from the horizontal, fatigued & ever-so-slightly chafed, I took myself for a walk.

Inspired, I came home and picked up my guitar. I sang through afew songs, but the energy for singing & performance was on the weak side - possibly somewhat exhausted. Fortunately, the energy for creation was full & I finished lyrics to Wine & Tragedy. It's currently one of my favourite songs to play & I'm very proud of the completed lyrics - they've been some of the most difficult to write structurally & conceptually, and today I nailed them. At least I hope I still like them in the morning =D Like some strange compositional version of OCD, I just kept writing until every section, every word, every nuance, had been analyzed & refined, perfected.

It seemed to be the most logical solution.

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