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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day19 - Club Verandah

Eventful day: accomplished a fair bit at work, then the festivities started. They put on an excellent spread: much cheese & many crackers. The wine didn't seem to run out for a change, though I nabbed the last Heinekin from the secret fridge on my way out.

One of the ex-PR girls stopped by to say hello with her friend & the 3 of us wandered the streets before ending up at a club with a verandah overlooking Darling Harbor. Spectacular =)

Let it never be said that Bobby doesn't dance (though I must be dragged). I spent most of the time waiting for an emotive song to play but it was mostly empty sounds. There were afew beautiful songs that played & the accompanying moments were awesome.

Before bed I ate a caramel creme egg, walnuts & cashews. I bought a replacement creme egg for the one I gobbled from the home coffee table a couple of weeks back, but I ate that too =p

It seemed to be the most logical solution.

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