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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day13 - Brussels

Music took hold of me this morning. In place of gym, I finished working on the guitar tracks I'd started last night for In The Air, with some urgency to record while the strings on my guitar are still fresh. Melodies are growing around the rhythm tracks; the song's flowering - it reminds me a lot of the songs I was writing 2-3 years ago: beautiful soundscapes, built on acoustica.

The afternoon was spent in Brussels - at least in the shared imaginings of an alternate dimension couple, summoned via instant messaging chat. It was so much fun being co-author of a story of romantic adventure, the enthusiasm & passion we both felt came through strongly. It started with the idea - of which she has many good ones - of a romantic picnic in the park. I expanded the setting to Europe. From there our imaginations ran wild, from the bell tower to street art, open air markets, a deciduous forest & nearby caves with the subterranean lake where spirits are free to soar, to the riverboat, the cabin & comfort, realization, mutual understanding.

One day I will do these things.

It is the most logical outcome.

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