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Friday, May 14, 2010

Day5 - The Walk-in

Me making a courtesy call to client to let them know I'm running late (1 freeway bus came after 15mins of none... and it was full): "...but I'm in a cab now, so I will be there shortly".

Client Grumpypantsreceptionist: "well get here quickly, doctor doesn't like to be kept waiting".

Me, reiterating & making it obvious I'm in no mood to be toiled with: "Well I'm in a cab, so I'll be as long the cab takes".

I don't take shit from grumpy clients, but be polite & I'll come bearing smiles & solutions.

Bonus Friday double fail: they're running Vista on a Mac.


The client runs a dental practice in one of the wealthier suburbs, Double Bay. So I made it to the client, met with the doc. She was so thoughtfully dressed that she matched the decor, but with hair extensions. Age: early 40's.

Our junior tech had been out there the week before & couldn't solve the problem. I nailed it in 5mins using the very website he was referencing for settings, so at least he was on the right track, but the client was left with a bad taste in her mouth, and this appeared to have filtered down to the receptionist, but both of them weren't afraid to touch me when they were in proximity. Any residual aftertaste of last week was gone.

Then there was the walk-in. I called the doc's name before entering the back room, she replied so I walked in to discover her changing from street clothes to work. I immediately apologized, but she indicated that it was fine & continued going about her business while chatting. Whether trust &/or shamelessness, it was not even slightly uncomfortable.

Friday drinks petered out early, so I hit a bbq at a friends. Didn't feel like being alone.

It seemed to be the most logical solution.

PS LOL some guy outside my window just yelled "fuck you arsehole".

Go booze. :|

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