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Saturday, June 26, 2010


I received notification of 2 updated mixes from Europe last night. I downloaded the tracks & have been making the rounds, playing them on various stereos for comparison. Songs may sound fantastic when they're going through a set of flat-response studio monitors but the real test is whether they still sound good when played through the shittiest AM radio-sounding system one can find, and also through headphones - my personal favorite.

The result: mixed. 1 track I'm happy with, the other not so much. So I sent my feedback to the producer for analysis. We've got around a week left to have the tracks mixed - it's going to be tight. Then mastering occurs.

This also means I've not got long to finalize the artwork. I'm glad to say that I've at least finalized the concept.

Recording is a fun & rewarding process, but very intensive - a full day of music is as draining, if not moreso, than a regular job. Now if only I could monetize it to the point where I no longer have a regular job to compare it to.


Ramones - Job That Ate My Brain

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