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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The grey mist lifted somewhat today. 2 theories on this: 1 - I think I'm just drained. I felt like the not-too-serious-but-annoying flu was coming back for round 3. Each time it's started with an earache, so I wasn't too keen on experiencing this again, but this time I've been loading up on vegies so I'm pretending that they'll give me super powers; 2 - I might just be so mixed up that I'm not thinking straight. Either way, I don't have my usual inexhaustible spirit. I miss it.

I recorded more bass tonight before being summoned to defend against the hordes. Left 4 Dead is awesome fun in short bursts. 13 tracks in this project ("Stained House") & I've finished 2 completely. Right now, I'd love a full week to work exclusively on it - my fingers are primed, left-hand tips calloused, right-hand muscles in good shape: quick & durable. My spreadsheet matrix of song vs. drums/bass/gtr/vox/etc is slowly turning from red -> orange -> green. Bass is the first column I see going green - mostly because it's the most fun to play =) Each day when I listen back to the album in it's entirety, with the newest versions in place, I wish I had've spent more time on it. So keen to get it finished.


Had this song on permanent loop today - I really dig the chorus melody. Kinda sad lyrics, fierce like a mistreated dog.

Ramones - Main Man

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