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Monday, June 21, 2010


Thursday, 3 June 2010 7:20:23 AM

Today I felt an amazing sense of the unary, like our Sun. Walking through the throngs I was completely detached, existing in my own bubble universe that travelled with me, mostly grounded but floating slighty above it. It was surreal and amazing =)

Contemplating communication today, I realized I'm typically quick to admit mistakes or look for mistakes i might've made, or even look for a better way I could've handled things - even if not having done anything necessarily negative in the first place, or if minor or well-intentioned but with adverse results. This is because I know that most similar situations are simple & can be easily fixed once the emotions that restrain are dropped, and since this is the case, why not do so sooner than later, get things sorted & move on. It can be difficult to drop or work through the emotion, but if a clear offer is made to resolve, it should only be embraced. I created a new mini-mantra:

Peace is worth more to me than pride.

It seemed to be the most logical solution.

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