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Monday, February 28, 2011

Day293 - PP 4 NP

One of the most relaxed & blissful Sundays in a while. I even managed to squeeze in not one but two siestas!

Though I may have overdone the indulgence slightly - a bit discombobulated & have been eyes open since some ridiculously small hour, working on ways to fall back to sleep.

One failed attempt included watching a most excellent lecture series Particle Physics for Non-Physicists, which details the recent and short history of the study of said - we're not even 100 years deep; it's an exciting time. This does however have the adverse side effect of keeping me awake, purely because it's far too interesting to fall asleep to.

It's now 0515 - for one person, the perfect time of day to test out their new high-noise/small-penis muffler. I wonder if there was ever anyone born who is actually impressed by this. Does it lead to romance? How does one seal the deal - chase after the noisy car or motorbike, honking one's horn & waving them to pull over, to declare everlasting love?

I don't get it.

Back to particles.


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