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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day267 - Meditate

It looks like I've finally shaken the persistent cough I've had for the last month. It really was starting to drive me nuts, especially over the last week - I've barely exercised and stayed in as much as possible. Stir crazy and restless, I was glad for the change to come:

I awoke this morning at 0530, full of life, full of my usual exuberance, motivation & spirit. I dove into a delicious yoga workout followed by an intense gym session and some early morning acoustic guitar - a fantastic start to the day! A fantastic start to the month!

I'm sure the 40ºC day helped - it was beautiful! Humidity in the 30's, Sun obviously hot but not scorching - gentle - completely matching my mood.

The tail end of 2010 saw me not only burn the candle at both ends but melt in the middle, so I'm spending the next 28 days focused on balance through introspection & meditation.

I'm enjoying the various music, writing & art projects I'm involved with, so here's hoping these are all stimulated as a result.

I have a wonderful network of inspiring & supportive friends - chances are if you're reading this, I count you as one :) The people I've met in blogland over the last 267 days or so are such a lovely - and loosely disparate - group.


Something random:

Frank Mills - Music Box Dancer



  1. Glad your feeling better!!:) the sun defiantly helps to put an extra spring in someone’s step xx

  2. Thanks SummerB! This is absolutely my favourite time of year - inpsiration at every turn! :)


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