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Monday, February 14, 2011

Day280 - Cut-off

Men in cut-off jean shorts: there should be a law against it.



I need something soothing to take my mind off the above:

The Black Crowes - "Sometimes Salvation"



  1. yes. absolutely. I have contacted the fashion lawmakers about people wearing leggings as pants. I think they are still busy working out a way to police that but when they are free I will let them know your thoughts about men in cut off jean shorts.

  2. Thankyou muchly T! I'm glad the lobby is alive and well =)

    I have pondered this some more and have come up with a list of exceptions:

    (1) Mardi Gras

    (2) ...okay well I only came up with one, but surely this proves the rule.

  3. OMG that is such a crime! bit like the guy I saw at the servo the other day in his stubbies! eeeeeew!

    Hey, did you see my entry about matchbox? :D

  4. Hey Amy, I just posted a reply re: Matchbox - good news! That feeling of creation is amazing =)

    Speaking of piano-y, guitary singer/songwriters, check out my band's demo EP.

    Stubbies remind me of a friend's dad who used to... let's just say, "dangle his keys" from his stubbies. I may just need therapy after reliving that particular memory. O_O


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