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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day269 - Dragonfly

I have a soft spot for dragonflies - they never seem afraid of humans - as if they know they can get away with just about anything because they're so damn beautiful.

This lovely specimen was kind enough to pose for pictures before I carried it over to the window and gently blew it out into the world.


GD I love this album! For anyone who hasn't heard The Southern Harmony & Musical Companion, do yourself a favour & download it now, before Summer's gone. Here's one of the singles:

The Black Crowes - Remedy



  1. soo beautiful!...

    I got a thing for ladybirds at the moment...

    now,gonna check out the music x

  2. The sky notwithstanding, there's something very special about blue hues in nature.

    I love ladybirds - I could never relate to how someone could be afraid of them! I wonder if cockroaches were as prettily decorated would they be as accepted... "a cockroach by any other colour would be as nasty"

    If you like what you hear, I've posted links to a couple of my favourite Black Crowes songs here. Enjoy! xx


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