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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day271 - Extreme Spaghettification

This is but one of several poetic terms used in the amazing History Channel series "The Universe" now into its 5th season - a highly recommended watch for anyone with an interest in astrophysics, with up-to-date discoveries & theories. It's most astounding how alive and ever-changing the field is.

The titular phrase from Stephen Hawking was quoted by one of my favourite physicists (yes, I have favourite physicists) Alex Filippenko, on the topic of black holes, whose work I had encountered before in various lectures for The Teaching Company. It is thinkers like Filippenko who have such an infectious enthusiasm for the beauty with which they deal every single day, that can only manifest itself in poetic language.

There have been some truly mind-blowing episodes, on which I will talk more.


"I don't know my telephone number
but you kiss good and I'd like to see you tomorrow"

Black Crowes - Nonfiction [live]

"Clouds conspire, above my head..."


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  1. I love Alex Filippenko and "Exteme Spaghettification" too :)


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