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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day268 - Ibis

Lunch at Darling Harbour yesterday, enjoying myself when this slightly scary specimen came up to me with a look in his eye as if to say "gimme your wallet!". Scarier than a Bondi cockroach, I breathed relief when he wandered away to peck at another of his kind.

Being an immigrant, I can be forgiven for having not known the genus, let alone common name, but enlightened by an ornithologically adept friend, I learnt that the bird in question is an Ibis.

Aside from having a succinct & sweet-to-the-lips name, I found myself in an odd way quite taken with them: monstrous, yet elegant; beautiful, yet intimidating; instilling a modicum of uncertainty when in proximity - just enough to put one on edge.

Imposing beauty with a hint of the unknown.

This combination always gets me.


Chris Robinson - 40 Days

"The savage hooks of midnight, have pierced your milk white skin,
tattooed in gold dust splendor
A jeweled thrown you ascend
So be safely on your way and heed the words I say"


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