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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day262 - Flight

My 2 week love affair with Flight of the Conchords came to an end today.

For whatever reason I had never watched the show during it's production run, though I'd been privy to live sketches and music clips recommended by friends. It was long overdue.

I love that coincidence played a part in that the very day following my spur-of-the-moment download of the series, I was told I may be defriended if my FotC ignorance continued.

Coincidence always tickles.

I have a feeling Flight has excellent re-watch value, and look forward to a few months from now when I feel the need to hear those beautifully thuck New Zulund eccents again.

Expertly deadpan delivery - check.
Well-crafted, hilarious and catchy songs - check.
Urine extraction of self - check.
Awesomely disgraceful hairstyles - check.

With a matching checklist, I'm now in the mood to watch The Mighty Boosh, followed by the equally fantastiche Spaced.

Of 22 episodes, this generated the biggest giggle (which I have no doubt my neighbours heard):

Bret: "Did she sound Australian? Australian accent?"
Jemaine: "Yes"
Bret: "Yeah"
Jemaine: "Yes"
Bret: "What'd it sound like?"
Jemaine: "Kind of like an evil version of our accent."


It's difficult to choose a favourite song, but this will do nicely:

Flight of the Conchords - Sugalumps



  1. I love that exchange between Bret and Jemaine! My fave is "Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor", but I love the dancing that Jemaine does in Sugalumps.

  2. So much fun! Love that episode - the Keitha concept cracks me up - it's a close second favourite to the ep. in which they go on tour & play (a) Central Park.

    I just nabbed a few FotC live shows too - watching the HBO special now :D


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