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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day247 - The Beginning of...

Tonight Another Day performed our live set to strangers for the first time.

After months of preparation, rehearsals, studio time, it feels nought short of fantastic to take this next important jump onto & into the dream; being a believer in achievable dreams.

The audience was perfectly-sized for our inaugural outing: no more than a dozen patrons - close enough to hear chatter between songs and to see the whites of their eyes.

The largest crowds I've played to have been in the hundreds, yet it's the smaller sized audiences that can be the most intimidating, for being that much more personal. Fortunately it's that anxiety/excitement that I get off on - the 2 being interchangeable in my eyes.

I feel extremely comfortable on stage. There was some initial & understandable reticence from one of our number who had never performed live before - although having a history as a club DJ in Europe, playing an instrument and singing is a similar beast yet dressed in unfamiliar garb. With encouragement that I only reserve for the talented, he rose to the occasion. Fortunately, the 3 of us have a strong knowledge of our own personal power & combined potential, which only serves to provide an attitude of success without doubt or arrogance.

Taking performance to the next level, playing to a single person is by far my favourite setting. I love the intimacy, the focus, the shared moments of beauty, unobstructed by peripheral distractions. And when the tears come - on both sides - I am at my most fulfilled, musically.

Digression aside, it is early days yet, and creative success is at it's essence dependent on that most subjective of all things: taste. However from this single performance we were offered a slot at another venue the very next night and have already been invited to play other gigs - most assuredly a positive outcome, leaving us energized as a band, united as a partnership, pumped as a cohesive unit.


Our first set of demos has been uploaded to youtube:

Another Day - [Demo EP] playlist

And now on Facebook:

Another Day - Facebook Fan Page


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