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Friday, January 7, 2011

Day242 - Epiphany in Epoch

Since November I have been waiting, pondering, intensifying thoughts with every breath as they rolled around in my head, in synch with the rise & fall of my chest. The ingredients were there: enthusiasm, skill, creativity, motivation, but the core idea was still waiting to birth.

Gestation ended today, as the theme cut a swath through my being, arriving amidst joyous tears, as should be greeted each and every newborn.

The arrival ascended in a sacred place, where many of the greatest thoughts are spawned outside of somnolent states - that of the morning shower. Welled tears were joined by a smile stretching to infinity, breaching my visage uncontrollably.

I have it in my hands, my heart, my head. Golden as the new day's Sun.

Let the light flood in, the shades raised. Let life sustain, the floodgates open. Let love flow, the heart aware.


Continuing Placebofest 2010-2011...

Placebo - Because I Want You [live - FTV]


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