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Monday, January 3, 2011

Day238 - Favicon

Such a fulfilling day:

-the first full yoga session of the new year

-discovery and shock that I'd actually lost weight over the xmas/debauchery period

-an intense resistance session at the gym - the first real exercise in close to 3 weeks and with no loss of strength

-preparation of the perfect dinner - a protein and vitamin-rich salad, served with high-carb-day bruschettina and balsamic dressing

-but this minor achievement made me bounce the highest.


Absolutely in love with this song:

Placebo - Blind

I know you’re broken

If I could tear you from the ceiling
I’d freeze us both in time
And find a brand new way of seeing
Your eyes forever glued to mine.

Don’t go and leave me
And please don’t drive me blind



  1. 'tis the sincerest form of flattery after all

  2. *flattered*

    Another appreciator of the fine touches =)

  3. Oooo. Tell me how. I beg you. Emailing of link or such would be GREATLY appreciated.


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