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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day236 - Post-Pirates! and the Brilliant Star

My eyes hidden behind a pirate's bandana, lids in shield.

The sun encased my body before I could see it, slowly warming my still length as I lay on the spot of beach I had chosen for bed, the light becoming evermore intense, removing any trace of morning moisture, clearing away the cobwebs of the mind. The island: my home, where for now my feet lay at a right angle to the earth.

This is how I entered 2011 - bathed in New Sun.

Sailing to the mainland, driving past farms and Marai's then into the gradual build-up through towns and suburbs and on into city before flying back to base across sea, taking my home with me as I jumped the train, before being chauffeured for the last leg.

Boat, car, plane and train, all different, yet all the same.

I spent the entire time with sunglasses attached, hiding exhausted eyes, leaving only a smile for distraction.

Now I reflect.

Now I rest.

Now I dream.


Fantastic video:

Placebo - Follow The Cops Back Home


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