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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day348 - written

When the sublimating sun sinks in seclusion; when the cavernous empty emanates warmth, from the fusion of flames; when the night comes strong, with grasping clenches; pulling life forth, dissolving in emerald & gold.

The disconcerted few confused; revelled not reviled, wonder mystified and wanderously in the midst of hue; a colour transient, prismatic & spellbound; knowing not which axes are which, but a force from every direction, guiding hands to the caress of every action.

Within a realised home, the sinking sands, withering words, usurped by the glow of generous giving; of soul & mind, body & being. It does us well to reach within ourselves, and pull forth the light that dwells within; the gem of our essence, in brilliance.


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