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Friday, April 1, 2011

Day326 - Moment.

He walked in a dream, to the precipice, overlooking the canopy; emeralds, nephrite & bowenite laid out; flanked by walls of ancient earth, once surfaced, now & long-since layered, natural circuitboards of interdependent communities; microcosms under the dome of eternal azure.

Crisp and cold, embedded in breath, skeletal trees spake sentences sweet, of love lost with ages, but surfaced in green, still deep within the veins of ore, blood and sap; the lifeblood of wanting & delicate balance, magnetic & true.

Without loosening to thought or engaging pause to consider, he strode in silence; wonder muted by the music spread before him, and with head & eyes filled with the ozone of purity, in heady delight he stepped over the edge. With never a whisper of doubt.


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