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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day346 - us,

There is a fever found in fortune favoured, of an eye looking inward, exploring landscapes of endless insight; at once both myopic for the immediate, yet open to the eternal; discovered, unearthed in a deluge of dreams, this is the place visited in somnolence.

Would that this be a dimension unseen, yet to be proven by scientific method, when all things are possible, probable in an infinite universe, just one in a multiverse, and itself but a microcosm.

This search for Oneness, spurs him on; imagination a wild stallion, aethereal and untamed, fire in his eyes & a ghostly mane; signify lust, a thirst for all, but above the rest - truth - for herein lies the base definition; to oneself, forever & faithful.


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