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Friday, April 22, 2011

Day347 - for

From this; valid, opines to Earth, to dine on; to drink; to soak her in, absorbing through epidermis and subcutaneous, deep into bone; yet in this there is but blood and tissue. The facets of favours, in fortunes fallow, lay waste to seedlessness, on the scales of entropy.

Was it not the lay, when we first touched sight; an obstinate abstinence from pulmonary lines, divining the knowledge, preconceived & pronounced; the invisible pull; the tug on a twig of the tree of life, yet that which therein holds the genome of destiny.

When separated by ecstasy, in an island of consciousness, forever encircled in the city of light; the fervor of the forsaken, taken and whole; now encased in an elemental dream.


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