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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day345 - to

Diluted in finery, the ends of an heir, approbation & circumstance, this; smoking mirrors, forged in fires of furnaced fervor; those diamondine eyes, trading in truth, lit golden with gleam, in which reflect, the world & all within.

Give me quark or lepton, he cries, to a voice soft inside, borne of a dream. Asphalt is the saviour of unbroken lovers, whose ground unfurls before them; rivulets of steel, where the towering ecstasy of extra-bodied embraces enrapture their eyes, in subjective audiences.

A bridge flanked by beauty, crossed & divided, intersecting souls which meet in the middle; the source of potential; summoning impossible dreams into being, when there is no "can't" for "can"s. This can be seen in the heart of an eye, trumped by that, in the eye of a heart.


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