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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day323 - Hugging & Tickling

Because I'd already used this title.

I just finished watching the season 4 finale of Californication. I'm tempted to go back and re-watch from the first season, as I'm not sure I had quite the appreciative eye upon first viewing that I do after 4 years. It may also be that the "realness" of the stories & characters were somewhat distracting from their depth.

I enjoy art that pulls no punches, explores whichever topic the story demands, and employs only self-censorship for impact, over adhering to another's definition of obscenity. Passionate language and nudity are beautiful aspects of life & should be celebrated and I won't pretend they don't exist. Nor do I find Californication gratuitous in the slightest - for a dose of gratuitousness, there is always the nightly news.

This is a show with layers, easily obscured by those nearer to the surface, for their luminescence. One comes away with the feeling that the writers actually care about their dialogue - to the extent that they might just be aware that they're creating poetry with every script. The visuals match and the humour sticks.

Perhaps I should be concerned that I relate so well to the character of a 50yo father of one, separatee and general manchild. But he squeezes the all out of life and has known and knows true love, and there is something so beautiful in that, which redeems all.


"You know exactly where to find me,
and that's what scares the shit out of you;
the fact that I am real, not some ghost."


I had the same impatient urge this time a year ago when I considered the 9 month wait between episodes.

The finale finished with an excellent sequence accompanied by the following song. I couldn't help but snigger.

Click to listen: The Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want


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